People come here to turn their questions into plays and discover what they can't see alone.

What can't you see in your business?

Companies come here to seek possibilities, identify problems, explore the world beyond buzzwords or simply to communicate like humans.

The Experience

Business on Mars?

In 4 hours you journey to Mars and back. Everything is designed to break free from the limits of day-to-day reality and the confines of our minds. Ask, create, and play with anything. Play with words, problems, strategies, and products. Play to observe what is, and play to envision what could be.

Design your trip.

Every trip to Mars is unique. The final design and price depend on three questions: Who is your perspective designer? How do we assemble the Cast of Mars? Where and how do we produce the experience? During the briefing session, we will make sure it perfectly fits your needs. 

What's the process?

  • Let's introduce Stage on Mars to everyone. We'll narrow down our focus to one key area of exploration and begin exploring essential questions. As we progress, the overall experience design will emerge, including discussions on choosing a perspective designer, location, or the Cast of Mars.
  • Together we seek the most potent questions—the ones that resonate on a personal level, the ones that unravel concealed truths, the ones that reveal what everyone truly believes. Using our own design tools, we explore until we identify and unveil that one question we want to ask.
  • Now, we transform the question into a play. Direction is suggested, the cast is chosen, and the scene is set. In real time, your question is enacted, produced, and experienced. Voluntary play serves as the gateway to harnessing the most potent creative force: collective creativity. To transform a question into a play, we use the fundamentals of systemic constellation techniques, combined with elements of the arts, to support self-expression.
  • An intense debate format, where everyone is encouraged to share their personal insights, new ideas, and newly discovered possibilities. In this eye-opening moment, we witness the profound impact of the experience on everybody.
  • We collect and record all the questions, plays, and nuances from your journey and deliver them to you in the form of a short narrative, complete with stories, photos, and further recommendations

Design meets art meets psychology?

This is a one of a kind experience. It's designed to flip your usual ways of thinking. To get you out of your head as fast as possible.

To go to Mars is also the fastest and most honest way for the team to connect. There are no masks, no labels and no job titles to hide behind.

Who's been to Mars?

  • Alaskan Fisherman Who are we?
  • MSD Merck Will we make it as a team?
  • Advertia Do we need a director?
  • O2 Can we keep up with the change?
  • Atairu Who is key to our future?
  • DNA Nexus What do we do?
  • Oliver How do we stay ahead?
  • Mall TV What's our new brand name?
  • Studio Alta How to sell our idea to the world?
  • Hotel Medlov Are we already profitable?
  • Logport How to balance success and pressure?

How was the trip?

"The stressed out team that barely talked to each other was suddenly turned into a group of people who laughed and share together, but most importantly realised that they are great people. "
Lenka Veselá, MSD Merck
"Dark. Distrust. Question Marks.Theatre. Play. Goosebumps. Symbiosis. Euphoria, Clarity."
Martin Krušina, Fameplay
"It connected us and gave us confidence."
Zdeněk Šmejkal, ML Moran
"I came to step out of my comfort zone, but to my delight, Stage on Mars doesn’t have any comfort zones to crawl back into."
Lubo Smid, STRV
"Genius at its best. One of the most profound ways to break open corporate thinking! If you live in Europe, find a way to participate in Stage on Mars."
Vik Maraj, Unstoppable Conversations

Do you have the courage to ask the question?

Together we seek the most potent questions—the ones that resonate on a personal level, the ones that unravel concealed truths, the ones that reveal what everyone truly believes.

Everything depends on the questions you ask. We run separate sessions with teams just to find the most meaningful questions and argue over them.

What will you ask?

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