People come here to turn their questions into plays and discover what they can't see alone.

The most human way to experience and explore.

The Stage on Mars approach combines design thinking, systemic constellations and dramatic arts providing access to human imagination and a liberating form of self-expression.

What do we need?

  • People who dare to explore
  • Stage to create a 'hole in reality'
  • Question to start the journey
  • Play to get you out of your head
  • Perspective to share what you've seen

Design tools for all those hard questions.

We have spent 20 years perfecting the fastest and most simple tools to pull out the right questions from people working in companies of all shapes and sizes.

'Hole in reality' to get you out of your head.

Welcome to a hole in reality—a place designed to pull you out of your head and evoke the feeling that anything is possible. It's a 'carte blanche' where we transform every question into a play.

Systemic plays to experience fully.

Our designers are skilled in the technique of systemic constellations. We apply the fundamentals of this method to structure our plays, incorporating elements of art and drama to enhance the overall experience.

Important Note

Stage on Mars is a unique approach to self-discovery and human creativity. It employs techniques and tools that nurture imagination, foster creative development, and encourage collaborative creation. It is important to note that Stage on Mars is not intended as an alternative to therapy, coaching, or self-development courses in any way.


Every trip to Mars is unique. The final design and price depend on three questions: What's your intent? How do we assemble the Cast of Mars? Where and how do we produce the experience? During the briefing session, we will make sure it perfectly fits your needs. 
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