People come here to turn their questions into plays and discover what they can't see alone.

Stage on Mars is a source of human perspectives, an immersive experience where people come to seek what they can't see alone.

Stage on Mars uses an approach known as human perspective design, which draws inspiration from various methods found in design thinking, self-expression, systemic constellations, and performance art.

Human perspective design is built upon three fundamental pillars: the search for the question, transforming the question into a form of play, and the sharing of perspectives.

Stage on Mars is not a self-development course, a family constellation seminar, or a therapeutic technique. If we were to categorise it, it would fall within the realm of design and the cultivation of human creativity. Other impacts and manifestations may vary among individuals.

The primary objective of Stage on Mars and perspective design is to create an environment where people explore their creative potential beyond the limits of their rational mind.

Stage on Mars is not intended for healing, consulting, guiding, advising, or any form of therapeutic interference in people's lives.

The primary target audience for Stage on Mars is rational, intelligent individuals who have reached the limits of what they can solve using their intellect and words. They are seeking novel approaches, connections, and possibilities. Stage on Mars is not primarily oriented towards the esoteric community, therapists, or those in search of deep spiritual experiences.

The Stage on Mars experience is facilitated by a perspective designer.

The Stage on Mars experience can be enhanced by engaging with the project's community, known as the "Cast of Mars."

A perspective designer collaborates with people, questions, ideas, and game elements, with the aim of creating what we call the image that opens up new perspectives for all participants. The perspective designer serves the image first and the question's author second.

The author of the question is not regarded as a client or a patient but as someone who initiates the play and has the courage to explore and allow others to engage with their question.

The core values of Stage on Mars are freedom, responsibility, humour, humility, and truthfulness

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