People come here to turn their questions into plays and discover what they can't see alone.

Upcoming Experiences

Evening on Mars

A highly experimental 4-hour event where everyone brings their own question. Together, we turn some of these questions into plays and experience them from multiple perspectives. Think of it like Netflix, but the story that is created, directed, and acted out is your own.

To confirm your participation, submit the question you want to turn into a play.

February 2024

Time: 18:00-22:00
Location: Klub Letka, Praha 7
Capacity: 12 people

We will meet 30 minutes before the experience starts.
There will be a 25 minute break with light snacks and drinks.

Do you dare to pay with a question?

To enter the experience, you need to send us the questions you would like to play with. It doesn't have to be the final one, the one you will use on Mars. To provide the best experience possible, we reserve the right to curate participants of each trip according to the quality of their questions.

It should be noted that Stage on Mars is not intended as an alternative to therapy, coaching, or self-development courses in any way.

Who could you be without any limits?

Turn the most puzzling life questions into plays to discover who you could be, to seek who you really are.

You meet strangers who quickly become friends. You realize that your creativity is limitless. You experience what it's like to be on-stage, and you might just love it.

Do people love it?

"Every adult and every child should experience Stage on Mars. It should be taught in schools. Our world would look differently. "
Monika Ambrová
"Like a simulator for life. You can try anything and then change your 'real reality'. "
Martin Jenča
"A temporary, autonomous hole in reality. A space and time you can fill with anything you can imagine."
Gabriel Vach
"I came to step out of my comfort zone, but to my delight, Stage on Mars doesn’t have any comfort zones to crawl back into."
Lubo Smid
"Like Netflix, but you create, direct and act in your own story. "
Vojta Diatka
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