People come here to turn their questions into plays and discover what they can't see alone.

What can't you see in your business?

Companies come here to discover new opportunities, identify true reasons behind their challenges, explore the world beyond buzzwords or simply to communicate like humans.

Business on Mars

A meticulously choreographed experience crafted to lead you through a targeted quest for answers to the most crucial questions. The 5-step process is designed to break free from the 'business as usual' and unveil novel, previously unseen possibilities.

Who is it for?

Individuals, teams, or companies unafraid to look beyond clever words, meeting room workshops, and big decks from agencies and consultancies.

5-step process

  • This critical part of the experience occurs somewhere in the cafe or a meeting room. What's your intent for going through this experience? What are you not seeing in your business? Where do you want to look? What do you want to connect? We leave with a clearly defined intent, and we design the entire experience around it.
  • We meet your team, introduce Stage on Mars, and then it begins: a session designed to draw out the most essential questions for your business from everyone. No answers are allowed—only questions. Using our design tools, we encourage everyone to seek, ask, and counter-ask anything they deem important for the future of their work and company. This session usually takes 90 minutes.
  • Now, the play begins. In five hours, we will travel to Mars and back. We step onto the stage—a real, physical space that lies beyond our comfort zones. Here, we transform questions into plays. Direction is suggested, the cast is chosen, and the scene is set. In real-time, your question is enacted, produced, and experienced. Voluntary play serves as the gateway to harnessing the most potent creative force: collective creativity. To transform a question into a play, we employ the fundamentals of systemic constellation techniques, combined with elements of the arts, to support self-expression.
  • We meet for 90 minutes to exchange perspectives, discuss plays, and explore possibilities. It's an opportunity to share and perhaps suggest another play. Our team presents 'Notes from Mars,' featuring photos and the most memorable moments from the experience.
  • Your personal online record from Stage on Mars. We collect and document all the questions, plays, and nuances from your journey, delivering them to you in the form of a short narrative complete with stories, photos, and additional recommendations.

Who's been to Mars?

  • Alaskan Fisherman Who are we?
  • MSD Merck Will we make it as a team?
  • Advertia Do we need a director?
  • O2 Can we keep up with the change?
  • Atairu Who is key to our future?
  • DNA Nexus What do we do?
  • Oliver How do we stay ahead?
  • Mall TV What's our new brand name?
  • Studio Alta How to sell our idea to the world?
  • Hotel Medlov Are we already profitable?
  • Logport How to balance success and pressure?
  • House of Lobkowicz What does it mean to be a modern noble family?
  • Direct Family What's the essence that drives us forward?
  • Forbes How much is enough?
  • Tatra banka How to constantly cultivate our culture?
  • Plzensky Prazdroj How to achieve openness in our team?
  • EBM Group How to take our family business to the next level?

Fastest way to connect the team

Designed to flip your usual ways of thinking. To get you out of your head as fast as possible. There are no masks, no labels and no job titles to hide behind.

What's in it for you?

  • It's like your personal possibilities engine, where you and each of your team members can discover ideas and solutions that your company needs the most.
  • Imagine being able to explore every major decision you need to make before actually committing to it. Picture yourself trying out all possibilities with no risk, observing how it feels and gauging your team's reactions. Once you feel content and confident, you can proceed to implement it in the real world, out there on Earth.
  • The experience of engaging in a play provides a setting for the most genuine, authentic, and human feedback you can receive. If you're seeking to understand what truly transpires in your company, this is the perfect opportunity for exploration
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