People come here to turn their questions into plays and discover what they can't see alone.

The most human way to experience and explore.

Stage on Mars is a unique way to truly experience anything - from big, fundamental questions to more experimental plays. You are not just watching and receiving; you are creating and revealing new perspectives in real-time with people who are on the journey with you. So, what can we turn into a play?


"All-encompassing. Unedited. Beyond the self. "
Ileana Lobkowicz
"A temporary, autonomous hole in reality. A space and time you can fill with anything you can imagine."
Gabriel Vach
"Every adult and every child should experience Stage on Mars. It should be taught in schools. Our world would look differently. "
Monika Ambrova
"Absolute freedom to create. "
Alena Diva
"Like Netflix, but you create, direct and experience your own story."
Vojtech Diatka

What do we experiment with?

Anything. Everything. We experiment with humanity, daring playfulness, and the endless search for creative freedom. Freedom that excites us and scares us at the same time. Freedom that we see in the artists and are envious of it. Freedom to ask the biggest questions and be willing to discover all the answers. But above all, we experiment with the true power of the human spirit.

Below are some of our favourite experiments from the past.

Pick & Play

What do we play with today? Life, business, art, politics, music, philosophy, you name it. We have turned weddings and funerals into a play, experienced simulated bankruptcies, danced with Death, laughed with Gods, sung with David Bowie, sought the answers to the most fundamental questions, or whether someone needs a new Bottega Veneta handbag. Ready to experiment?

Turning the pandemic into a play.

This is where it all started. Amid the toughest times of the covid pandemic, Stage on Mars was born. People who lacked human connection and sought the meaning of it all were gathering in a locked-down theatre to explore and play with their questions.

Turning the mindset of a nation into a play.

A powerful experiment with a group of Slovak leaders, public officials, and entrepreneurs: to delve into the mindset of a troubled nation and to explore the deepest fears and hopes of the Slovak people.

Turning 700 years of nobility into a play.

Once-in-a-lifetime experience with the House of Lobkowicz, a Bohemian noble family exploring what it means to be noble, what it means to embody nobility, and how to connect the past to the future in a present world that only seems to be getting faster.

Turning music into a play.

Imagine you don't just listen to the song that gives you goosebumps. You experience it. You feel what the songwriter really meant. You understand all the characters and images. You immerse yourself in it. A word of advice: be careful with 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' Otherwise, it might be the most extraordinary way to experience music.

So, what else do we turn into a play?

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