People come here to turn their questions into plays and discover what they can't see alone.

Who could you be without any limits?

Turn the most puzzling life questions into plays to discover who you could be, to seek who you really are.

Combining the basics of systemic constellations technique with the expressive artistic environment. The element of the stage awakens the imagination and inspires everyone to express themselves and play.

The Personal Experience

Life on Mars?

For 4 hours, forget everything down here on Earth. You play with your life, your choices, your career, your relationship, play with everything that seems so serious and heavy. Imagine you could try anything. Be anyone. Play with all the choices. Create without boundaries. Make decisions and changes with no fears. Who would you become?

The experience is bespoke to your needs, guided by a trained perspective designer, and enriched by members of Cast of Mars. Talk to our team to begin designing your experience.

Important note

Stage on Mars is a unique approach to self-discovery and human creativity. It employs techniques and tools that nurture imagination, foster creative development, and encourage collaborative creation. It should be noted that Stage on Mars is not intended as an alternative to therapy, coaching, or self-development courses in any way.

What is it like?

"Like Netflix, but you create, direct and experience your own story."
Vojta Diatka
"A simulator for life, where you can try everything."
Martin Jenca
"Absoute freedom, it clears your mind. "
Alena Diva

Any questions?

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